The OziBlock n Chock Jockey Dock is like no other jockey wheel support.  Strong and durable the Jockey Dock is a must have for any caravan or trailer.  The Jockey Dock supports multiple sized jockey wheels and gives you peace of mind your van will stay inplace.  Made from UV resistant material this Jockey Dock is made to last.

LEG PAD (Set of 4)


The OziBlock n Chock Jack Pad is ideal for extra support under your caravan or trailer legs.  Stop your van from sinking into the ground.  The Jack pads are made of durable UV resistant material and its strong design will provide your van with the support it needs.  Built in handles for ease of use, these light and strong Jack Pads will provide you with the stability you van needs and is a must have for any caravan or camper trailer. 



OziBlock n Chock Wheel chock comes as a set of 2 and is a necessity is safely securing your caravan or trailer.  Made from durable UV resistant material the Wheel chock will provide you with peace of mind that you van will stay right where you left it.  Base is designed so it does not slip on any surface.  Rope handles included for easier removal.  Will not rot, crack, or slip like blocks of wood.  Size 20.3cm x 16.2cm x 20.3 cm. 



The Basic kit contacts the essential products required to easily and safely level your caravan, camper trailer or motor home.  The kit includes 10 Oziblocks in a carry bag, 4 caps to lock blocks together and create a flat surface for your tyre, and 2 large block chocks that lock into blocks to give you peace of mind your van will not roll or move.



Our Ultimate Kit contains all of our products with the buyers choice of either a jockey dock or jack pad based on their needs. This kit will safely level any axle up to a max height of 150mm. Additional height can be obtained just by adding more blocks. The kit includes 10 blocks in a carry bag, 4 block caps, 2 block chocks, 2 standard wheel chocks, 4  stabiliser leg pads, 1 jockey dock or jack pad & a free carry bag.