5 in 1 Purifying Filter

The highest level of protection, ideal for the carvanner, off roader, those with compromised immune systems, young families.

The Thirsty Nomad is a 100% Australian owned & operated company that designs and manufactures water purification products for millions of users worldwide, scientifically engineered to reduce the maximum amount of contaminants.

The Thirsty Nomad water purifiers are a world first, providing multi-stage water treatments in one compact unit, providing a high surface area ultrafiltration purifier that can also handle the variable and unpredictable waters that you will encounter on your travels.

The Thirsty Nomad 5 in 1 purifier – provides the highest level of protection for the immune compromised, those with young families and the offroad traveller. The Thirsty Nomad is suitable for caravans, boats and homes

All of our water purifiers contain The Thirsty Nomad’s groundbreaking Quantum DisinfectionTM media to keep you safe – certified aginst the rigorous testing required to meet NSF Protocol 231 for ‘microbiological’ purification.  Our entire puriifer has been tested and proven to the Australian and New Zealand Standard, M8.5 – AS/NZS 4276.7 Water microbiology Method 7: Escherichia coli and thermotolerant
coliforms—Membrane filtration method.

Creek Draw Kit

A 12 volt portable water filter system that purifies. Purify and make water microbiologically safe to drink. To draw from a flowing freshwater river or creek, especially in Australia – The 12 volt water pump, battery and the Thirsty Nomad “5 In 1” Purifier will both last longer and perform at their optimum when used in conjunction with our 1 Micron Sediment Pre-Filter,

The Thirsty Nomad Portable Water Purifier will purify with the power of The Thirsty Nomad “5 in 1” the only inline water filter that purifies – making water microbiologically safe to Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. All contained within in a portable, compact, light-weight, 12 V lithium-ion battery powered portable water filter which can reduce sediment, silt and suspended fines from clear free flowing rivers and creeks and then filter and purify the water to Australian Drinking Water Guidelines for E.Coli (zero).